Litigation Services

The litigation process is begun when a certain dispute ends up in court and due to its complexity and length it cannot be solved successfully without legal representation. A litigator will come not only with the necessary knowledge of law, but he will also have the ability to represent you in front of the court and/or in negotiations and ensures the compliance of all the required paperwork.

Our team of lawyers can provide full litigation support and services that occur in areas such as: real estate, Labour law, commercial law or other complex business-related disputes. We will offer full administrative legal support, legal advisory and representation of the parties in front of the Administrative Court, Civil Court or financial authorities. Moreover, we can also assist you in any out of court negotiations.

The Firm has an impressive presence in the High Court of Karnataka and various subordinate courts, tribunals, commissions, forums etc... in the city of Bangalore as well as other parts of Karnataka. The Firm conducts Civil and Criminal litigation on behalf of its clientele, which includes:-

1. Original Suits
2. Writ petitions
3. Appeals
4. Civil and Criminal revision petition
5. Company matters
6. Cheque Bounce cases
7. Matrimonial matters
8. Consumer Matters
9. Property-related litigation
10. Rental Cases
11. Criminal offences against a person as well as property, white collar offences and bail matters
12. Money recovery matters
13. Accidental claims
14. Taxation matters
15. Revenue courts
16. Land acquisition matters
17. Debt recovery matters
18. Miscellaneous matters


Mento Associates 

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