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The recognition and protection of these rights is of recent origin. Patents, designs and trademarks are considered as industrial property. As per International Convention for the protection of industrial (Paris Convention) the protection of industrial property has as its object patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, service marks, trade names, indications of source or appellations or origin and the repression of unfair competition when copyrights, Geographical indicators, layout Designs and confidential information were included to industrial property, they all become intellectual property.

The earliest use of the term "intellectual property" appears to be an October 1845 Massachusetts Circuit Court ruling in the patent case Davoll et al. v. Brown. in which Justice Charles L. Woodbury wrote that "only in this way can we protect intellectual property, the labors of the mind, productions and interests as much a man's the wheat he cultivates, or the flocks he rears."). The statement that "discoveries" goes back earlier. Section 1 of the French law of 1791 stated "All new discoveries are the property of the author; to assure the inventor the property and temporary enjoyment of his discovery, there shall be delivered to him a patent for five, ten or fifteen years[2]".In Europe, French author A. Nion mentioned "propriété intellectuelle" in his Droits civils des auteurs, artistes et inventeurs, published in 1846.

Intellectual Property Rights assumes significance in the modern world for various reasons. At Mento Associates, we assist our clients in registration, Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights like Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, and Patents. We also assist our clients in Intellectual property rights related litigation like trademark infringement, passing off actions, Copy right infringement, Domain Name disputes, Patent litigations etc.

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