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Mento associates provide legal advice in all major business areas, including Commercial and Business consultancy services including advice and consultancy on Hypothecation, Pledge, Indemnity, Retainer, Insurance, License, Franchise, Distribution, Agency, Hire Purchase, Drafting of agreements, deeds etc.. So that you can operate with confidence across jurisdictions and make the most of today’s business opportunities. The Firm provides professional advice and consultancy on corporate, business and company matters to our clients.

Day-to-day advice on all legal forms. Effective planning and implementation support for corporate reorganizations. Domestic and cross-border corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. We believe that averting legal conflicts is better than having to settle them in a legal procedure. This is why we actively think along with our clients in planning and executing legal situations from their daily practice. This may concern the establishment, transfer or liquidation of a company. We try to anticipate legal pitfalls. In this way, we take good care of legal matters, we are able to react quickly to legal issues and we can avert legal procedures.


Mento Associates 

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Mento Associates
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