Mento Associates - Advocates and Legal Consultants in Bangalore

Mento Associates, established in the year 2002, is a law firm based in Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of India. Founded by Advocate Mento Isac, who is a practising advocate of High Court of Karnataka, the firm’s activities cover a wide spectrum of consultancy, litigation, soliciting and para-legal services.

Corporate & Business Law Firms/lawyers in Bangalore

Mento Associates Bangalore is one of the leading corporate and commercial law firms in India providing the complete legal solutions to our national and international clients.

Matrimonial and Family services from Mento Associates Bangalore

Advocates and Legal consultants in Bangalore, Meno Associates provides necessary legal support and consultation to our clients in facing matrimonial and family issues.

The Role of High Court Advocates in Upholding the Law - legal advice Bangalore - High Court lawyers in Bangalore

Consult with top-ranked High Court lawyers in Bangalore for various services such as filing writ petitions for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, review petition, election petition, or filing a matter that has been dismissed by the District Court and needs to be appealed in the High Court.

Mento Associates: A Law Firm Committed to Professional Ethics ,best lawyers in bangalore

Why Choose Mento Associates? A Law Firm That Values Ethics and Integrity

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